Sandblasting Services

We offer the following sandblasting services

Abbrasive Sandblasting

Doing some maintenance work on metal items...why not bring it to us to sandblast the rust away?  With our fine grid we can lightly remove the rust without damaging the suface of the metal.

Consider sandblasting your wooden furniture for a new look. 

Decorative Sandblasting

For that special gift, sandblast a message on a glass, bottle, mirror, decanter, silver tray etc.

Fully sandblast or decorate your windows, sliding doors or shower panels with an interesting design.

Sandblast Vinyl

Etch vinyl or look-a-like sandblasting vinyl is an excellent alternative to on-site sandblasting.  Covering glass panels from side to side, with an open border or applicating a logo or design of your choice, illustrates how versatile sandblast-vinyl is